Diamond Men (a novel)

A great Grisham-style thriller.
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Money laundering. Secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Murder. What do these things have to do with a respected engineer working at a remote diamond mine in Canada’s far north? Unknown to his colleagues, William Thompson has a secret: he’s leading a double life. But it’s a bargain with the devil, and it’s drawing him ever deeper into an abyss from which he’s desperate to escape. However, his carefully laid plans to leave it all behind and regain his freedom spawn consequences he could never have imagined. In the swirl of international intrigue that follows, Ed Zelensky, a maverick officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, finds himself immersed in one of the biggest cases of his career, with Thompson at its center. He has to find the links between Thompson’s activities at the diamond mine, a brutal assault in Mexico, a Russian criminal gang, and large-scale money transfers to banks in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. It takes every trick he knows for Zelensky to get to the truth.

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